Team Award

Centre for Child and Family Science (CCFS)
Miss Vicky YAM
Project Officer

Miss Hilary HO Chiu-yee
Project Assistant

Mr Joe NG Tsz-him
Project Assistant

The Centre for Child and Family Science (CCFS) endeavours to make a meaningful difference to children and their families through high-quality, innovative research and knowledge transfer. One of its missions is to translate research findings into meaningful and valuable resources that enhance child and adolescent development and foster healthy family relationships.

After the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, CCFS scaled up the use of multimedia tools and produced different forms of online resources to maintain a close connection with the community. The Centre staff, Ms Vicky Yam, Ms Hilary Ho and Mr Joe Ng, with exceptional commitment and learning ability, were rapidly groomed to form a small technical team to look after the knowledge transfer and multimedia production work of CCFS.

The team harnessed the power of online platforms to disseminate the work of CCFS. The CCFS Facebook page now has over 15K Likes and 17K followers. The team also set up a CCFS YouTube channel in January 2020 to put together all the CCFS videos and animations on parenting tips, games and storybooks. Within three years, the CCFS channel had 85 videos, 1.71K subscribers and 630K views.

The team also tapped into the versatility of multimedia resources to enhance the positive behaviour of children and foster healthy family relationships. The team members have assisted in designing and producing resources in multiple formats, including videos, storybooks (sound and print versions), animations, games, learning kits and mobile applications. A notable and significant achievement was the parenting videos for the Take-a-SIP – Science-Informed Parenting project, for which the total number of views on various online platforms has reached 888K since the first video launch in May 2020. The team has also created various family games with exploratory features, and showed parents and teachers how these resources, made from low-cost or recyclable materials, can help support children’s development in different areas, such as learning, creativity, socio-emotional skills and motor skills.

The team members are very creative and have many innovative and brilliant ideas that make things interesting and engaging. Thanks to their contribution, CCFS has continually strengthened its mission and promoted the well-being of society by reducing parental stress, promoting family cohesion, and fostering the development of children into healthy and responsible citizens.

Remarks: An array of the multimedia resources can be found on the CCFS website (www.eduhk.hk/ccfs). To visit the CCFS Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel: eduhkccfs.

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