Team Award

School Partnership and Field Experience Office
Professor Christina YU Wai-mui
Professor (Practice), Department of Social Sciences

Dr Timothy William TAYLOR
Senior Lecturer II, Department of English Language Education

Dr Mabel SHEK Mei-po
Senior Lecturer II, Department of Special Education and Counselling

Dr Stella KONG Wai-yu
Associate Professor, Department of English Language Education

In 2015, the Team received more than HK$2.4 million from the Quality Education Fund for the research project ‘A Study of Confucian Analects and Modern Society’. The team uses experimental teaching and diversified cultural activities to investigate the relationship between Confucian Analects and 21st century society. They also maintain and regularly update a project website (http://www.eduhk.hk/analects/) that provides online learning resources for students and enthusiasts of Chinese culture.

To fully explore the global significance of Confucian Analects in modern society, both local and overseas experts have been invited to serve as project advisors. Recognising the lack of teaching materials for Confucian Analects for students, the Team has designed a set of experimental teaching materials. The participation of principals, teachers and students at 17 secondary schools was indispensable in guaranteeing that the teaching materials match students’ interests and abilities. By providing workshops for teachers and conducting experimental teaching in schools, the Team has shown students the contemporary significance of the classics.

In addition, to improve students’ critical thinking skills and their ability to appreciate Chinese culture, and to improve their commitment to family, community and state, the Team uses a wide range of multi-media learning and teaching resources, from pictures, photographs, video and text, to help students to acquire knowledge and develop skills, attitudes and values.

To achieve the goal of life-long learning and knowledge transfer, the Team has extended students learning process from the classroom to the wider social environment by encouraging them to actively participate in different cultural activities, such as Chinese camp, cultural relics site visits, microfilm competitions, talks, forums, workshops, etc.

The Team has used innovative ways to stimulate young people’s interest in Confucian Analects and to broaden their horizons and help them understand the presence of traditional culture in everyday life. Such efforts have been widely recognised by the education sector, media and the wider community.

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