Individual Award
(Early Career Research Excellence Award)

Dr CHAN Man-ho
Assistant Professor, Department of Science and Environmental Studies

Dr CHAN Man Ho’s research interests include Astrophysics, Cosmology, Dialogue between Science and Religion, the Philosophy of Science, and STEM education.

As Principal Investigator, Dr Chan secured Early Career Scheme (ECS) funding from the Research Grants Council in 2018/19. In the past three years, Dr Chan also received competitive funding from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct an observational project involving radio telescopes in China. His record demonstrates Dr Chan’s outstanding performance in securing research grants in the field of astrophysics.

Dr Chan’s record of published research has been remarkable. In the past three years, he has had 21 refereed articles published, 14 of which were sole-author publications and 13 of which were published in Q1 journals. Dr Chan’s outstanding and innovative research in the fields of general relativity and quantum gravity is internationally recognised. In 2019, Dr Chan received an Honourable Mention in an annual international essay contest titled “Awards for Essays on Gravitation”, whose previous winners included Professor Stephen Hawking and five Nobel laureates.

Dr Chan has actively engaged in serving the community with his research outcomes. He has been invited by schools to deliver talks and public seminars about popular science and frontier physics research. Since 2018, Dr Chan has been a guest host in a TV talk show, titled “Science Night”, and an I-Cable TV series about creative science. In 2018/19, Dr Chan’s research on Science and Religion was reported in a feature article in Wen Wei Po and shared in a TV documentary series, titled “Exploring the God Question”, produced by Kharis Production in Scotland.

Dr Chan has also committed himself to teacher training and STEM education development in Hong Kong. He has been a keynote speaker in teacher development talks and teacher training workshops. He also participated a STEM education research project as a Co-Investigator to examine STEM teaching and learning activities in primary schools. To develop STEM activities, Dr Chan joined the University-School Support Project and the Quality Education Fund Thematic Networks, funded by the Education Bureau.

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