Individual Award
(Research Excellence Award)

Dr CHEN Junjun
Assistant Professor,Department of Education Policy and Leadership

Dr CHEN Junjun’s research focuses on teacher and principal development and well-being. She is especially interested in psychometric measurement. During the past three years, she secured two General Research Fund (GRF) grants, as Principal Investigator, from the Research Grants Council. Her research has important implications for university and school policy practice, focusing on international comparisons by establishing two types of well-being profiles for school principals and PhD students in Hong Kong.

Her research has achieved a high standard of quality and productivity. Over the past three years, she has published 22 journal articles and six book chapters, and has edited one book. One of her most significant and original research contributions has been her development, as the sole author, of two research instruments, the Teacher Emotion Inventory (TEI) and Principal Emotion Inventory (PEI), which have made a considerable contribution to maturing the intellectual structure in the related fields. Dr Chen’s research has been well-recognised in the academic community. She was awarded the most cited paper of 25 papers from researchers in China and achieved the highest number of citations by Wiley in 2020. She was appointed ‘Changbaishan Scholar Chair Professor’ in Jilin province, China, which was a competitive position.

At the University, Dr Chen has shown her dedication to engaging in collegial research. She has led and joined multiple internal and external research projects and actively collaborated with colleagues on three external competitive grants and 12 internal projects.

Also, both locally and internationally, Dr Chen is committed to contributing to the professional and social communities through engaging in various knowledge-sharing seminars, school case studies and media coverage. For example, using her research expertise in well-being, Dr. Chen has supported schools in establishing the school well-being cascade in the region. She has also led the collaboration on ‘Leadership and Well-being’ between the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change and the Tsz Shan Institute. This is expected to have a large impact in the region.

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