Individual Award

Dr Lewis CHEUNG Ting-on
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Sciences

Dr Lewis Cheung Ting-on’s research interests focus on sustainable tourism, protected areas management, environmental attitudes and behaviour, and environmental education.

In the past two years, Dr Cheung has successfully secured over HK$3.4 million of funding from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government for research and knowledge transfer (KT) projects. He has published 15 articles in international refereed journals in the fields of sustainable tourism and environmental and geographical education.

Dr Cheung was commissioned by the Development Bureau of the HKSAR Government to be Principal Investigator on a research project on the development of sustainable tourism at Wolong National Nature Reserve, China. The project received over HK$1.59 million from the Trust Fund in Support of Reconstruction in the Sichuan Earthquake Stricken Areas, and was successfully completed with outstanding outcomes in June 2016. The two certification systems developed by the project, the tailor-made Ecotourism Accreditation System and the Ecotour Guide Accreditation System for protected areas in mainland China, have been fully implemented in the Wolong National Nature Reserve as part of the effort to re-develop its tourism industry.

In addition to the Wolong project, Dr Cheung also led two projects commissioned by the Education Bureau of HKSAR Government to improve geography education in secondary schools. Dr Cheung developed assessment materials for eight modules in the Junior Secondary Geography Curriculum to facilitate ‘assessment for learning’ in geography teaching, and facilitated the teaching and learning of geography through the use of the Augmented Reality Sandbox teaching tool.

Dr Cheung’s insightful professional advice on sustainable tourism has been recognised by the Central Government and the HKSAR Government. His research and professional practice has demonstrated its relevance to social improvements and policy change. It clearly shows how KT can make its impacts beyond the academic world.

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