Individual Award

Dr Sammy Hui King-fai
Principal Lecturer, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr Hui's teaching and learning philosophy can be summarised as “student engagement through innovative practices”, and this is reflected in his course teaching and programme leadership to ensure the success and development of all students. Dr Hui believes that teaching is about facilitating learning and that the more students are involved in the teaching and learning process, the more likely they are to learn effectively.

Dr Hui has a strong background in educational assessment, and Professional and Vocational Education (PVE). He has been successful in engaging PVE students at the Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) levels to develop their critical-thinking skills towards the subject of assessment, through adopting a spiral mode of pre-class innovative learning tasks, in-class learning activities and post-class discussions. Dr Hui has a proven publishing track record in the field; and his publications are used as core readings in the BEd and PGDE assessment courses, which provide PVE students with a strong knowledge base for reflecting on assessment support learning, while developing valuable 21st century skills. This student engagement model has been elevated through online platforms and personal consultations, which provide feedback on students’ learning progress and performance.

Dr Hui is the Programme Leader of the Master of Teaching (MTeach) programme. He has adopted many innovative, norm-breaking practices to ensure a good programme quality-assurance system and enrichment of MTeach students’ educational experience to address their learning and professional development needs to assume the role of teacher-leaders.

Dr Hui is a Specialist in the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in the areas of Education and Social Sciences. To make a scholarly contribution to the development of PVE in Hong Kong, Dr Hui has received grants to organize tender programmes for a wide range of PVE teachers to equip them with the required professional attitude and competencies for effective vocational and professional education and training.

Dr Hui’s key objectives for teaching lie in continuing to contribute to the goal of quality student learning and enhancement of the University’s programmes, as well as continuing to strive for impactful knowledge transfer to the education community.

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