Individual Award

Dr LEUNG Chi-hin
Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts

Dr LEUNG Chi-hin is an all-round composer, researcher and educator. He has a keen interest and ability to develop innovative and impactful knowledge-transfer (KT) projects generated from both traditional and creative research.

Dr Leung’s signature project, the “e-Orch Innovative Music Project”, is a series of music education and art promotion KT events held in recent years, including software development, teaching and learning activities, publications, music performances, and public participation. His project applied his award-winning, patented invention Grid Notation in his newly developed iPadOS app e-Orch and cloud-based software THE GRID to lower the barrier to music-making. Grid Notation dramatically reduces the time to learn music score reading and is currently integrated with tablets so that people, regardless of musical background and experience, can instantly compose and perform music. Music educators can adopt the teaching strategies and activities provided in the “e-Orch Teaching Manual”, together with THE GRID, to compile music into the e-Orch app, offering students a unique ensemble experience beyond traditional music learning. About 1,000 students from 47 primary and secondary schools participated in the project. The project has had a significant positive impact on school music education, as detailed in extensive media reports.

Dr Leung, the composer and conductor, led the e-Orch to perform four original compositions at the “Hong Kong Science Festival 2021: Music Office X e-Orch Concert” and cooperated with the self-developed app, which allows audiences to perform together with the e-Orch, providing an unprecedented musical experience. The impact on the school and the community was significant and is highly reflected in his commercialisation cycle, which includes research, innovation development, patent, IP promotion, business start-up, and licensing. It attracted more than 2,000 participants in all the activities.

Dr Leung’s projects demonstrate the transfer of the University’s innovative knowledge from the research stage to the community, where it has had a real impact on music education for students and the community.

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