Individual Award

Dr LEUNG Ka-man
Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Physical Education

Though she joined EdUHK just three years ago, Dr LEUNG Ka-man has already demonstrated strong capability in applying her research projects to knowledge transfer in the community. Recently, Dr LEUNG and her team received a substantial grant (Research Impact Fund, HK$7.4 million) to conduct research and promote light volleyball among 3,800 older adults in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Dr LEUNG convincingly demonstrated a good connection between research, personal expertise and knowledge transfer, with comprehensive deliverables and a well-observed impact through her projects. She obtained several grants to promote healthy ageing, and translated her research outcomes and findings into real benefits that have impacted the wider community. By organising train-the-trainer workshops, light volleyball classes with teaching aids, and light volleyball competitions, Dr LEUNG further enhanced this sports activity with coach empowerment, in collaboration with many parties locally and regionally, such as the Volleyball Association of Hong Kong (as a recognised light volleyball expert at Beijing Sports University), the Hong Kong Light Volleyball Association, the Shenzhen Elderly Sports Association, and the Nanchang Light Volleyball Association.

Going further, the Sitting Light Volleyball (SLVB) innovation, a newly adapted physical activity, successfully reached and benefited people with physical disabilities (PWPD). SLVB has proven to be a safe and accessible physical activity for PWPD to maintain their well-being, as there has been a significant improvement in the participants’ physical and psychological health. It provides PWPD with an option to play team sports in the community.

Observing that PWPD may suffer abrasion and sitting imbalance while playing SLVB in the seated position and that the sportswear currently available in the market did not satisfy the participants’ needs or prevent them from getting sports injuries, Dr LEUNG and her team invented “A Garment for Sports or Activities”, which a patent application was filed in Hong Kong in October 2022, to provide para-athletes with a sports apparel option for everyday use and improve their sitting balance and protection when playing parasports. Dr LEUNG’s innovations have helped increase the possibility of SLVB being included in the International Volleyball Federation as a recommended community sport.

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