Individual Award
(Early Career Faculty Member Category)

Dr. LEUNG Chi-hin
Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts

Dr Leung Chi Hin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts. His teaching philosophy is musicking, through which activities related to musical performance, including performing, listening, rehearsing, practising and composing, are conducted. His focus on music and music education falls in three categories: (1) STEAM and coding learning, (2) blended learning, and (3) experiential learning.

Dr Leung is a contemporary composer with a background in music education and electronic music. He has put continuous efforts into creating a productive environment for creative thinking through STEAM and coding education. To enrich his classes, he applies various approaches, assessment methods and online elements, which reflect his pedagogy of blended learning and experiential learning. He has successfully integrated real music experiences into his courses. With the support of the Teaching Development Grant and Knowledge Transfer Fund, Dr Leung has published teaching manuals that have impacted both pre- and in-service teachers, especially in the areas of technology-based pedagogy and creative thinking.

Dr Leung has lowered the barriers to music-making through the application of innovative technology that allows anyone to create and perform music with full confidence. He has integrated his research discoveries into his teaching. One of his inventions, the Innovative Grid Score for Electronic Orchestra (e-Orch), which was awarded the Gold Medal and Special Prize at the Romanian Inventors Forum, International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada in 2018, is being transformed into an app. The new app for this e-Orch Grid Notation, currently under development, is an essential tool for facilitating teaching and learning in a tablet orchestra setting. Students majoring in music education and in-service teachers will benefit from the app to enhance classroom music and establish their own tablet orchestra in schools. The app will be launched in mid-2019.

Dr Leung is President of the Hong Kong Association for Music Educators (HAME), Vice-Chairperson of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild (HKCG), and Commissioner of the Music in School and Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC) of the International Society for Music Education (ISME), and has played an important role in the field of music education locally and internationally. He is fully committed to developing his scholarship in teaching and aims to promote the beauty of music to everyone regardless of background and skill level.

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