Individual Award
(Early Career Research Excellence Award)

Dr Li Jianbin
Assistant Professor, Department of Early Childhood Education

Dr LI Jianbin’s main research areas focus on adjustment and well-being from childhood to emerging adulthood from bioecological perspectives, particularly underscoring the development of personal positive virtues (e.g., self-control and meaning in life) and their roles in understanding and facilitating adjustment and well-being.

Dr Li is a productive researcher with an impressive publishing track record, having published 33 articles in high-quality journals. His research achievements have received international recognition. For instance, in 2021, he was recognized as Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science (APS). And in 2019, he received the Misumi Award for the best article published in the Asian Journal of Social Psychology, awarded by the Asian Association of Social Psychology.

In 2020, as Principal Investigator, Dr Li secured funding from the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPR) (Special Round). The project investigated young people’s beliefs about aggression and its ecological and individual correlates, with the aim of helping the government restore social reconciliation and promote the positive social participation of young people.

Thanks to his fruitful research outcomes, Dr Li has been invited to present his research findings at a number of prestigious national and international conferences. Dr Li has also delivered workshops and seminars in mainland and international universities, which were well received by staff and students.

Dr Li is also devoted to professional service, both in and outside the University. He is now leading the internationalization Cluster of Child and Family Studies at the Faculty level. In the past three years, he has also served as member of the Departmental Research & Higher Degree Committee (DRHDC) and as a research member of the Center of Child and Family Studies (CCFS). Outside the university, Dr Li was appointed an editorial board member of the academic journal Stress & Health, and he is a member of the internationalization committee of the International Association of Relationship Research (IARR). He has also been appointed guest editor for two journals and an ad hoc reviewer for more than 25 academic journals.

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