Individual Award (General Faculty Member)

Dr LI Wai-chin
Assistant Professor
Department of Science and Environmental Studies

Dr Li Wai-chin is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Science and Environmental Studies who believes that a good teacher should possess three interrelated qualities: mastery of the nature of the subject matter to be taught; knowledge of learners, which is necessary for planning and conducting lessons; and appropriate teaching and assessment pedagogies. Last but not least, he believes teachers should be able to create a culture of learning and teaching by engaging in reflective teaching and life-long learning.

Dr Li engages in relentless efforts to enhance learning and teaching through the adoption of a wide array of teaching approaches that encourage students to learn content in different fields, develop critical thinking and foster positive attitudes towards learning science and environmental studies. He connects these teaching approaches to his own research, e.g. environmental pollution, to establish a teaching-research nexus.

In addition to in-class teaching, Dr Li actively promotes his teaching through scholarship activities such as designing teaching resources, educational resource kits, specific teaching materials and mobile web application for schools, governmental departments and NGOs. All of these scholarship activities create knowledge transfer from the University to schools and the public at large.

Dr Li plays an active role in curriculum design within and outside the University. He is involved in designing courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and in school-based curriculum development. His contributions to curriculum planning and development have extended from the Education Bureau of Hong Kong to the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of Macau and have included developing guidelines for Primary General Studies.

Dr Li values opportunities to interact with students and foster their engagement in meaningful learning. He is involved in the Shi-tu and Academic Advisor Schemes and shares his experience in learning and teaching with both colleagues and students on less formal occasions. He also supports student activity groups, such as Organic Farmers, and the design of our campus’s award-winning Eco-Garden.

Students value Dr Li’s enthusiasm for teaching and for helping them to overcome learning difficulties. His excellent classroom acumen is reflected in his Student Evaluation of Teaching scores and in the positive student feedback he receives on the assessment methods used in his courses. He was awarded the Faculty Teaching Award in 2015/16.

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