Individual Award

Dr Margarita PAVLOVA

Associate Professor, Department of International Education

Since her appointment to EdUHK in December 2013, Dr Margarita PAVLOVA has established a coherent research programme in the area of Vocational Education and Sustainability. Her research (i) revealed that countries in the Asia-Pacific region lack the skills to implement and sustain low-carbon economies and (ii) led directly to changes in policy and educational practices to address this problem through technical vocational education and training (TVET). The research has resulted in the development of an innovative framework for conceptualising generic green skills and the development of pedagogy and resources that have given policymakers, government officials and institutions the support they need to incorporate these vital skills into the TVET curricula to directly benefit communities and societies.

Dr Pavlova’s international standing in the area of green skills is very highly regarded. Through her research and knowledge transfer activities, greening concepts have been introduced into the TVET policy debate and offer a new perspective for policymakers about skills development that supports the greening of economies, and facilitates the development of a more holistic approach for developing green skills and introducing them into the curriculum. Since developing the original UNESCO framework for greening TVET in 2010, her research has focused on identifying the skills required for green economic growth; understanding how greening occurs in different industries; examining how TVET can become greener; and developing changes in policy and practices for better green skills development in the labour force to reduce the negative environmental impacts on economic development. The importance of this research is evidenced in the urgency demonstrated by governments in the Asia-Pacific region concerning sustainable development and the creation of climate change agendas. Many countries have developed policies and plans to support their transition to low-carbon economies by structurally changing labour markets and identifying the new skills and competencies that need to be included in TVET.

Dr Pavlova’s collaborative engagement research is helping countries in the region develop and implement green skills policies and plans for sustainable development.

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