Individual Award

Dr Lam Wai Man, Winnie
Lecturer I, Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

Dr Winnie LAM is a dedicated information technology (IT) educator and data scientist who has demonstrated a strong passion for teaching and exemplary performance. Her research interests are machine learning, AI, and robotics in education. Her teaching philosophy – CITA (Collaboration, Innovation, Technology and Authenticity) – constitutes the basic building blocks of effective teamwork, active learning, technological needs, and real-life practice. Her enthusiastic teaching practices have helped nurture students with different backgrounds and facilitate effective learning, especially during the pandemic.

Building on her background as an educator and researcher, she has supported her students’ needs by developing a personalized online evidence-based learning and assessment platform, called GMoodle (https://gmoodle.eduhk.hk), which embodies the features of CITA to promote collaborative learning and extend teaching capacity with AI. She has received positive feedback from her students regarding her enthusiastic and innovative teaching methods, and the outcomes have been disseminated in publications and recognised by overseas scholars.

Dr Lam has treasured the opportunities to contribute to the university and has collaborated with various teaching teams and educational organizations to maximize the benefits to foster student learning. She is the Principal Investigator of two Teaching Development Grant (TDG) projects and three Small Grant for Teaching Staff (SGT) projects, which aim to promote collaborative learning, enhance learning support, and incorporate tech tools at the higher education, secondary and primary levels. She also joined the Early Childhood STEM & Maker Education project and a Central Reserve Allocation Committee (CRAC) project promoting AI literacy and AI in education in early childhood and higher education. Her persistent efforts in education have been recognized with awards (a Silver Medal and a Special Inventor Award) in the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN) in 2019 and the FLASS Teaching Award in 2020.

Dr Lam is also the Subject Coordinator of the BEd (Secondary) – Information and Communication Technology programme. She is responsible for the programme and curriculum design, and for including up-to-date knowledge and promoting social awareness in an authentic context. She always welcomes students to discuss their learning difficulties and future development. She provides quality teaching to foster student success and provide personalised self-directed learning recommendations in her area of expertise.

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