Team Award

Estates Office

Mr Dennis WONG Chiu-lung
Project and Facility Manager

Mr Rico LOK Wai-ho
Assistant Project and Facility Manager

Mr Job WONG Koon-fung
Assistant Project and Facility Manager


Ms Belinda KWOK Pui-kwan
Senior Assistant Librarian

Mr Kevin HAU Hork-koag
Senior Assistant Librarian

Ms Joyce PO Chui-ying
Senior Assistant Librarian

Mr SHEN Liming
Assistant Librarian II

Ms Veronica HO Yee-man
Executive Officer II


The MMW Library Spatial Reorganisation Project was the largest improvement project since the library opened in 1997. The scale of works greatly exceeded the routine operations of the Library and Estates Office. The five stories (G/F to 4/F) of the library were closed during different phases of the works, and most of the library collections and facilities were relocated to different floors.

The project inevitably affected all of the library services and operations during the two-year period. However, through close collaborations, careful planning and strict monitoring, the Team was able to complete the project earlier than expected and within the limited budget with minimal disturbance to library users, and received very positive feedback from library users. This was achieved through meticulous coordination and hard work. The improvement project was divided into six phases, and during each phase the team devised detailed logistics plans, identified ways to accelerate the workflow and continuously evaluated users’ feedback. This enabled the Team to prioritise improvement items, and thus upgrade the infrastructure of the MMW Library in a way that satisfied the majority of end users and was within budget.

In addition to engaging with the large number of different external parties involved, the Team actively consulted end users about the improvements throughout the project. Public consultation sessions were held in which Library and Estates Office colleagues and the project consultant responded to queries and collected end users’ views. New facilities were set up that incorporated users’ suggestions regarding the layout design, and students and staff praised these new resources.

The Team also made exemplary efforts to run a green project by promoting environmental sustainability through a Reduce and Recycle strategy. Estates Office colleagues launched a pilot scheme to recycle over 4,600 square metres of disposed carpet from the improvements and conducted a life-cycle study of the furniture. The project successfully reduced the consumption of natural resources.

The Team demonstrated teamwork and flexibility through their willingness to make adjustments and changes throughout the project. As a result of the Team’s effort, staff and students now have a comfortable and diversified library environment for learning, study and research.

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