Team Award

Graduate School
Professor LO Sing-kai
Dean of Graduate School

Ms. Teresa POON Sin-yi
Assistant Registrar

Ms. Crystal CHUNG Yin-tung
Executive Officer II

Ms. Connie KO Mei-yee
Clerical Officer I

The Graduate School serves as a platform to support postgraduate (PG) students and is committed to providing a student-centred learning experience. In addition to its normal duties, the Team supports innovation in curriculum enhancement and student learning modes that have proven to be sustainable while at the same time contributing to the internationalisation of the University, especially at the PG level.

Under the constraints of the existing programme structure, the Team strives to develop and implement extra formal (credit-bearing) and non-formal learning opportunities for PG students that are creative and unique to EdUHK. Examples of formal learning experiences include:

(i)     The first-ever dual doctoral degree programmes at EdUHK
     - Dual doctoral degree programmes have been set up with universities in France, Germany and           Japan.

(ii)     Overseas learning experience for master’s programme
        - Even with the constraint of one-year full-time study for taught postgraduate programmes, the Team         still managed to arrange for more than 200 students to take an intensive course in universities in           Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States in the past few           years.

(iii)    Summer intensive degree-bearing programme at the master’s level
       - More than 300 educators from Shanghai, including principals, vice-principals and department heads      of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and government officials, have studied in this         programme.

For non-formal learning experiences, the Team has created additional learning and student networking activities by organizing the International Postgraduate Research Conference cum Summer School every year. This is an EdUHK Signature PG learning event, designed and heavily supported by the Team. All the above learning activities have had a great impact on student learning and other outcomes; and have taken internationalisation of the PG programmes to a higher level.

To promote EdUHK’s teaching excellence to education professionals overseas, the Team has been pro-actively supporting the University in organising seminars on teaching methods in Belt and Road countries (e.g. Belarus, Russia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Philippines). The Team will continue to play a facilitating role in supporting student learning through diversified activities and the promotion of EdUHK’s teaching excellence in collaboration with other units and overseas partners.

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