Team Award
Graduate School

Ms Teresa POON Sin-yi
Assistant Registrar

Ms Vienna LEE Shuk-kuen
Executive Officer I

Miss Catherine CHUNG Hiu-lam
Executive Assistant

Miss Jessica HUI Ka
Executive Assistant

Miss Charlotte WONG Sui-ling
Executive Assistant


The Graduate School (GS) plays a key role in managing and ensuring the quality of its higher degree programmes. Taking to heart the ambitions of our higher degree students, the Team has always been committed to providing them with timely and active support.

The Team’s exemplary beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts foster a caring and supportive culture within the University. The members have prevented several potential attempts at self-harm by research students that could have severely tarnished the reputation of the University. One implication of these successful preventions is that the Team’s work has often gone unnoticed and unknown to the community, resulting in the under-recognition of their efforts.

Through their frequent interactions with students, the Team is aware of the growing need for student support services, especially for research students. This group of students is unique among the EdUHK student population and their needs are very different from those of undergraduate students. The long and independent journey to completing a research degree can be a lonely one.

Along the journey, students may encounter difficulties in working with their supervisors or maintaining research progress. Non-local students may also face the challenge of adapting to a new environment. The Team proactively identifies those who need help by monitoring their situation, and then listening to their concerns and providing them with emotional support. Students often approach the GS when they have problems, and they are reluctant to be referred to other units. In some cases, students would have undergone grave crises if they had not received timely support from the GS. Prevention is better than cure. Although the Team has no expertise in counselling, their care and support can still reduce the risk of self-harm by students.

The University is a vibrant, student-centred community that nurtures educators and social leaders. The Team serves as an outstanding example of the University’s mission to support its students.

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