Team Award

Department for Health and Physical Education
Mr Roy CHAN Ching-yat
Senior Lecturer II

Ms Ellen CHEUNG Siu-ting
Executive Officer II

Miss Carman LAI Ka-man
Executive Officer II

Mr Laadan LO Lok-him
Executive Officer II

Mr Nelson LUI Ka-ho
Executive Officer II

Ms Samantha LIU Siu-man
Executive Officer II

Clerical Officer I

Mr Oceany CHAN Hei-yeung
Executive Assistant

Ms Elaine WONG Yee-ling
Executive Assistant

As sports and exercise attracted unprecedented attention in Hong Kong, the call for supporting relevant industries is stronger than ever. Upholding sportsmanship values, the HPE administrative team (the Team) acted as a crucial stakeholder in sports industry and an accelerator of creativity to contribute in the following areas, facilitating strong communication with a caring attitude.

Contribution to EdUHK as an ‘Elite Athletes Friendly University

To fulfil EdUHK’s pledge as an ‘Elite Athletes Friendly University’, the Team proactively explored various forms of partnerships (e.g., signing MOUs) with local sports organisations (e.g., Hong Kong Sports Institute, Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme, and National Sports Associations), allowing EdUHK to be the first local university offering special admission scheme for elite athletes. In addition to the establishment of Elite Athlete Friendly University Fund, the Team provided pastoral care, academic consultation and administrative support to elite-athlete students by closely cooperating with course lecturers, related departments/units and organisations to cater to students’ needs in pursuing both sports and academic achievements. The Team also facilitated elite athletes’ all-round development by implementing the Elite Athlete Career Development Internship Programme, which aims to extend athletes’ career development beyond sports coaching. To promote a sporting atmosphere, the Team took the lead in restructuring the sports team management for the University.

Support to Operation/Development of Academic Programmes

The Team strove to ensure smooth operation and development of academic programmes under COVID-19 through various channels. By securing 5 official fellowship places for MSocSc(SCM) students, using social media and instant messaging platform for staff-student communication and developing a comprehensive set of online teaching tools for local PE teachers, the Team contributed to student growth and potentially the development of local PE scene. As BEd(PE) admission interview went online, the Team also went the extra mile to compile candidate profiles for panel’s easy reference. Swift support was provided to teaching personnel on applying online teaching tools such as Kahoot, NearPods and Mentimeter. The Team’s extensive network with athletes, graduates, local sports associations and companies facilitated the establishment of the new UGC-funded undergraduate programme [BSc(SPSC)] and the provision of career talks, workshops and internships for students.

Catalyst for Students’ Whole Person Development

The Team provided appropriate guidance in students’ preparation of the innovative virtual sports activities amid the pandemic, including Home Exercise for SEN, Virtual Cross-Country Race, Virtual Athletic Meet, Virtual Dancing Competition and Online Counselling Call, which were all widely covered by mass media and recorded high hit rates. By using various mobile Apps such as Homecourt, Moasure and Toca Dance suggested by the Team, students were able to polish their event management skills as well as problem solving skills, which eventually facilitated their whole person development.

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