Team Award

Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC) and Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
Professor KONG Siu-cheung
Professor and Director of LTTC

Mr John HUI Yan-keung
Chief Information Officer

Miss Trudi CHAN Shui-fan
Assistant Registrar, LTTC

Ms Winnie WONG
Educational Development Manager, LTTC

Ms Tina MA Yunsi
Assistant Educational Development Manager, LTTC

Miss Helen CHANG Hei-laam
Educational Development Officer, LTTC
Mr KWAN Tak-kwong
Information Technology Manager, OCIO

Mr CHENG Ka-wing
Computer Officer, OCIO

Mr PANG Chi-wai
Computer Officer, OCIO
Mr Rocky YIP Man-bun
Computer Officer, OCIO

The educational community has taken on a new landscape because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight, digital capabilities for delivering quality online learning and teaching had to be accelerated. In the past year, LTTC and OCIO played a pivotal role in the following areas:

Clock (speed): Ensuring that Learning and Teaching continued amid the Disruption

LTTC was one of the first responders at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. It issued "Guidelines for Online Learning and Teaching" to all Academic and Teaching Staff as early as late January 2020. OCIO created a dedicated network link solely for Zoom at the start of the suspension of face-to-face teaching in February 2020 to ensure the seamless integration of Zoom and Moodle. LTTC swiftly organised 80 related workshops, which were joined by 394 staff and students. OCIO quickly increased the University’s video service capacity by 10 times in February 2020.

Capacity-building: Enhancing the Quality and Effectiveness of Virtual Learning and Teaching

LTTC and OCIO understand that capacity-building efforts have to address both technical and pedagogical concerns. Therefore, the platter of resources they offered during the online transition had to cover a wide range, and be practical and easy to implement. In August 2020, LTTC launched a new series of workshops on educational apps to enhance interaction in online classes. OCIO, meanwhile, continued to improve the provision of site licenses of widely used apps. Both offices also worked closely to introduce AV systems and infrastructural support to suit the needs of online teaching. The resulting increase in students’ satisfaction level was supported by evidence; survey findings indicated that students’ rating of their online learning experience significantly improved from March to October 2020.

Care: Compassion for Everyone Involved

Both LTTC and OCIO approached the switch to online learning and teaching with thoughtful considerations about everyone involved in EdUHK. OCIO made more webcams, headsets and notebooks available at the beginning of the crisis and provided teaching colleagues with technical support. OCIO and LTTC worked closely with SAO to provide loans of laptops and tablets, and anti-virus licenses for home devices were increased to cover multiple devices. In summer 2020, the network of the Tseung Kwan O Study Centre (TKOSC) was upgraded. In April 2020, to help students who faced sudden changes in their Field Experience (FE) arrangements, LTTC offered over 30 workshops for FE students and their supervisors.

OCIO and LTTC will continue to work on transformation of the learning experience in the digital future. They will commit to further development of digital competencies of the EdUHK community and embrace new opportunities to deliver quality administrative services in the post-COVID environment.

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