Individual Award

Professor Kenneth SIN Kuen-fung
Director, Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education

Towards the same goal we go, for excellence and glow
「齊心同行 卓越超群」

Professor Kenneth Sin is an iconic figure in special education, whose goal is to support community inclusion and teacher education in catering for diversity. As the Director of the Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education (CSENIE), he has played a significant role in leading his team to provide centre advancement in support of inclusion training, and research and knowledge-transfer activities.

Over the years, Professor Sin has spearheaded changes and reforms for sustainable centre development. He has also demonstrated strong leadership and mentorship, and his passion has inspired the Centre’s staff to give their best for the benefit of the SEN community. Furthermore, he has sought continuous self-improvement while supporting other units.

At the outset, Professor Sin recognised the importance of the amalgamated effect of initiatives, service quality and building a capable team for seeking funding. He then set up a new modus operandi of special needs training and support for beneficiaries, cover teachers, parents, children and community helpers. With sustainable financial support, he has successfully developed efficient teams for administration, teaching and research for project work, programme training and evidence-based practice.

Along with its growing community network and school partnerships, Professor Sin’s team works with the Education Bureau, NGOs and schools on territory-wide research and university-school projects. Over the years, the heightened team profile, innovative initiatives and quality services have helped attract community support and resources.

Specifically, the Centre’s Support Unit for Special Educational Needs offers consultations to the community and clinical training for children with special educational needs. Nominated by its partner organisations, CSENIE was awarded the Social Capital Builder Logo Award (2018) by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, and has repeatedly been honoured as a ‘Caring Organisation’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in the past 10 years. Its organisational culture and recognised effort have resulted in CSENIE becoming a centre of excellence in professional development, with a far-reaching impact on inclusion development in the community and nearby regions.

Apart from leading the many projects of the Centre, Professor Sin was able to coach the Centre’s staff and other units as well as driving his team to accomplish its mission. He sits on a number of special needs committees in the Education Bureau, NGOs, LegCo and charitable foundations for the advocacy of inclusive education. Under his leadership, CSENIE has been nominated for or awarded various awards by the social services sector and organisations. Through the success of the Centre’s funded projects and the large number of SEN teachers it has trained, Professor Sin has strengthened the reputation of the University as a leading contributor to the SEN community.

Undoubtedly, Professor Sin has made exceptional contributions to the Centre, the University and the community at large.

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