Team Award

KT Sub-Office, Research and Development Office
Ms. Connie FUNG Yuen-ping
Executive Officer I

Mr. Lemon KWAN Hok-ming

Mr. Dickson YEUNG Shu-yuen

Miss Emily LAU Hiu-tung
Executive Assistant

Since the upgrade of the Knowledge Transfer (KT) Unit to the KT Sub-office in 2016, the Team has been devoted to providing its academic colleagues with a full range KT consultation and other services, including funding applications, intellectual property protection, partnership development, marketing, commercialisation plans, and business and contract negotiations.

Internally, the Team successfully set up new and advanced existing funding schemes to support EdUHK innovations with essential resources. In June 2018, the KT Sub-office set up a central fund to encourage EdUHK staff to capitalise their inventions through patent applications. Since then, the Team has provided support and advice to various faculty staff.

In early 2018, the KT Sub-office established EdUHK’s first entrepreneurship scheme, called the EdUHK Education And Social Entrepreneurs “EASE” Fund, to encourage EdUHK students and alumni to participate in entrepreneurship to foster knowledge transfer and create a social impact. The scheme features the themes of education technology, education innovation and social innovation, and provides training, mentorship and seed funding to establish start-ups around these themes. This new initiative marks a major milestone in cultivating a creative, entrepreneurial and innovative ambiance within the EdUHK community.

In addition, the KT Sub-office has taken new steps to promote the transfer of innovative EdUHK knowledge from the research stage to the community and industry, both locally and internationally. After identifying potential EdUHK projects, the KT Sub-office developed relevant KT plans and pitched the projects in appropriate international events. In 2018, the KT Sub-office set up booths in innovation exhibitions in Geneva (Switzerland), Toronto (Canada) and Nuremberg (Germany), and brought back 11 innovation awards. This new move takes EdUHK to the same stage as other local universities and research institutes in terms of contribution to innovation, while building up EdUHK’s brand as an inspiring and innovative influence in the education sector and the wider community.

The KT Sub-office plays a big part in formalising a solid infrastructure, cultivating external recognition, facilitating the formation of a new KT culture among our staff, students and alumni, and developing new venues for EdUHK’s KT advancement. They were able to achieve a major turnaround in 2018 and made a significant breakthrough in promoting and advancing KT in EdUHK.

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