Team Award

Student Affairs Office

Ms Angie YEON Yuk-mei
Senior Counsellor

Dr Alfred NGAN Lam-fat

Mr Cannon FUNG Kam-lun
Student Affairs Officer

Ms Natalie YU Hui-shan
Executive Officer II

Ms Valeria LI Hiu-nam
Executive Officer II

Mr Patrick WONG Kwok-ho
Executive Assistant

Miss Yama LAU Shan-ki
Executive Assistant

Miss Trista CHEUNG Wai-yee
Executive Assistant

Miss Brenda TSUI Chiu-kam

Miss Cecily CHEUNG Wang-kum
Clerical Officer II

Under the ‘Education Plus’ framework, EdUHK offers an increasingly diverse range of programmes in multiple disciplines at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition to offering new career preparation initiatives that groom elite students, and customised job search support for designated programmes, the Career Team has also successfully created new networks and built partnerships with prominent and multi-national corporations, organisations and professional associations in various industries. Such networks and partnerships have resulted in opportunities for EdUHK students in the form of internships, mentorships, industry talks and recruitment initiatives. More importantly, the outreach brings long-term benefits such as University branding and the showcasing of students’ achievements.

Not only does the Team provide career support services to students in “Education” area, the Team also offers support to students in “Non-Education” disciplines, and helps students to gain the competitive edge required by large renowned corporates. The Team has proactively offered internship support to Education-plus programmes in developing their credit-bearing internship and also initiated collaboration with the Graduate School to develop a survey to understand the non-curricular related needs of postgraduate students and tailor made career programmes/services according to their needs. Internship opportunities at large corporations have been secured in six more overseas countries in addition to the existing internship programmes in various parts of the world.

Furthermore, the Team has initiated more diversified training/programmes to complementary programme students with more outreaching approach. No. of benefited students grew by over 150% to 3,041 within a year. The tailor-made trainings/activities are welcomed and recognized by Programme Leaders. Apart from all these initiatives, the Team has made nomination and provided training to outstanding students in joining some important University events, e.g., UGC visit, QAC Audit, etc.

In addition to the provision of support to enrolled students, the Team also offers assistance to fresh graduates in finding their first job even after their departure from EdUHK. Very positive feedback has been received from a large number of students and alumni of the University.

With the concerted efforts of the SAO and Programme staff, despite an increasingly competitive job market, our graduates perform well in the employment market and remain in high demand. Among the eight UGC-funded universities, the employment and further studies rate of our undergraduates remains as high as 98% and their mean monthly salary has been the second or third highest for the past three years.

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