Team Award

Department of Special Education and Counselling

Dr Mabel SHEK Mei-po
Senior Teaching Fellow

Faculty of Education and Human Development

Miss Fiona POON Ching-yan
Executive Officer I

Ms Adora HO Hoi-fung
Executive Officer II

Miss Elsa LO Chau-heung
Clerical Officer II


The mission of the Faculty of Education and Human Development is to promote an environment that values academic excellence. Staff and students are encouraged to strive for quality outcomes in learning and teaching. In addition to providing effective and efficient programme management, the Programme Administrative Team of the Bachelor of Education (Special Needs) makes every effort to develop a barrier-free learning environment and to provide equal academic opportunities to students with special needs.

In successful team endeavours, members blend their talents and abilities to produce high quality results in a supportive climate. The Programme Administrative Team shares a high level of commitment to pursuing common objectives built on a shared ‘CEO’ approach, i.e. ‘Capacity Building’, ‘Empowerment’, and ‘Outcome-oriented’.

The Team not only performs ordinary administrative duties, Team members also offer help to students in their development. The Team proactively sought help from the Office of the President and Finance Office. With the concerted efforts of the Students Affairs Office, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Estate Office, Library, Department of Special Education and Counselling, and the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies (Chinese University of Hong Kong), the Team, along with the Teaching Team, paid extra effort in providing a range of support services, including taking the initiative to arrange sign language interpretation services that helped two students with hearing impairment to conduct academic activities during their study from 2013 to 2016. This pioneering service to support hearing impaired students’ learning in Higher Education received widespread publicity and extensive media coverage. Through various media interviews, the Team was successful in promoting a positive image of the EdUHK as being a caring University which took care of its students. It is hoped that the Team will serve as a positive model for EdUHK and other universities in Hong Kong by advocating for inclusive education and equal learning opportunities.

The Team shows enthusiasm for work and demonstrates a true spirit of “special and inclusive education”.

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